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Sopron with the eyes of a dental tourist

Beautiful and diverse dental tourism destination

Hungary is rightly known for its highly qualified healthcare professionals. Besides receiving top quality dental service, the dental patients also have the opportunity to get to know a beautiful city with a rich history: Sopron.

Our dental clinic in  Sopron is located in the popular Castle District, in the proximity of several sights.

The town’s symbolic Firewatch Tower is only a 4 minute walk away from our dental office. For those who enjoy hiking, the forests of Lővérek and the Forest Park of Sopron are ideal destinations. Those who prefer culture can enjoy a good time at the Storno House, the Kecske Church or the Harrer chocolate factory. If you are interested in wine specialities, you can choose from the selection of famous wine cellars. If you prefer a lighter wine tasting program, you can become familiar with the local specialties during the Tractor Party wine tour.
Sopron city

The iconic symbols of Sopron:The Firewatch Tower

Sopron Firewatch Tower
We can admire the town of Sopron from the top of the 58-meter high Firewatch Tower built in the baroque era. The guards of the Tower had numerous tasks. They kept lookouts for potential pockets of fire and warned inhabitants immediately when they noticed foreign soldiers. They also had special responsibilities at weddings, funerals and town festivals. They provided music and signaled the passing of the time every 15 minutes with a flourish of trumpets.
Although 200 stairs lead up to the top of the tower, the sight makes us quickly forget the tiring trip upwards.

Programs for hikers

Sopron is extremely rich in green areas, so hikers have a lot of opportunities to choose from. In the Lővérek we can spend a whole day with visiting the numerous sights, while a trip in the Forest Park of Sopron will be a refreshing experience for the lovers of nature.


Lővérek was built in the 13th century on the slopes of Sopron, where riflemen were protecting the city from intruders. Today, in the area of the Lővérek there is a huge holiday resort with several sights,with luxury leisure and accommodation facilities

Here we can find the Károly lookout tower which is the most popular relaxing place in Sopron. From its two-level terrace there is a wonderful panorama of the city. If we need a little rest, we can admire the wonderful flora of the Elisabeth and Botanic Gardens. If we still have energy left in us, we can go for a swim in the Lővér swimming pool.

The Forest Park of Sopron

The almost 2400 acres of green area offers programs for several days for the lovers of active holidays. Visitors to the area will find 369 kilometres of marked tourist routes, nine lookout towers, numerous wells and monuments.

If you like horses, you can take part in organized horseback riding trips. Cyclists should try out the MTB tracks, while those who simply want to get a workout and a lot of fresh air can do the activities suggested along the forest’s workout course.

Cultural programs

In the town of Sopron there are several churches, museums and monuments to visit. Keep your eyes open as you can spot many monuments even in the surroundings of the clinic.

Storno House

We can take a look into the former house of Ferenc Storno, Sr. and admire his work during a visit to the museum. As a young man, he was trained to become a chimney sweeper. For a while he even worked in this profession. After his talent was recognized, he turned to painting, as well as excavating monuments and doing restoration work. Besides his own works of art, he and his family acquired a significant private collection which we can also see at the exhibition.

Kecske (Goat) church

It’s one of Sopron’s best-known churches. The church was built in 1280 by Franciscan monks. Presumably, it got its name after the goat you can see on the coat of arms of the family that restored the church in the 15th century. Several historical events took place in this church. It even hosted coronations and national assemblies.

Harrer Chocolate Factory and Confectionery

The Harrer Chocolate Factory was opened for the public in 2009. You can take part in a special factory visit which gives you an insight to the procedure of chocolate making. You can even taste the chocolate at different stages of production.

At the end of the visit, you can spend time in a cosy confectionery belonging to the factory, where you can try out even more delicacies.

Wine tasting in Sopron

The town’s geographical features favor grape growing, and high-quality grapes turn into high-quality wine. The Sopron wine region is a historical wine region of Hungary. The tradition of grape growing dates back to Roman times. Roman times? Yes, the history of Sopron started in the Roman Empire as a town called Scarbantia. In fact, what today is West Hungary, in Roman times used to be an eastern province of the Empire with the name Pannonia.

Wine cellars

If we would like to take part in a pleasant wine dinner, we can choose from the local wine cellars. In the “TasteVino Borbár és Vinotéka” Szabolcs Lukács, the Hungarian Sommelier Champion of 2007 is waiting for us with his unique wine selection. The first wine cellar of Sopron, the authentic “Natura Vinotéka” awaits its visitors on weekdays.

Tractor Party Wine Tour

During the Tractor Party, we can get an insight into the secrets of wine production. We can accompany the grape from the grapevines to the wine glass and we are even allowed to taste the result.

Entertainment opportunities, festivals

Austria’s proximity has made an extremely good impact on the region, locals accustomed to Vienna’s sophisticated tastes and tourists, regardless of age, both leave the destination with satisfaction and consider Sopron to be an extremely attractive destination.

Volt Festival in Sopron

The name of the Volt Festival is becoming more and more known and popular to young people throughout the world.
Since 1993, Sopron has been the host of one of the best known popular music festivals in Hungary. Notable local and foreign musicians of numerous genres perform at the festival. It lasts for 5 days and it starts at the end of June or at the beginning of July.

Other entertainment opportunities

Hungary, and Sopron in particular, have developed a lot in the field of entertainment and program tourism in recent decades. Sopron is known not only for its accommodation, spas and wines that satisfy all needs. In Sopron there are many cultural and gastronomic events, classical and light music concerts meet; therefore, everyone can find the one closest to his/her taste.

Excursions around Sopron

If you plan a long stay, the hilly landscape of the area offers you many additional recreational opportunities.
Close to Sopron is the 20,000-year-old Lake Fertő, which is a World Heritage Site. There is also a possibility to swim in the lake in summer, but here you can also find the imposing complex of Esterhazy Castle in Fertőd, which even rivals Austrian castles.
There are many other monuments nearby: castles, a Carmelite monastery, Gothic churches, castles and wonderful excursion sites.
Sopron can be known as the city closest to Western Europe in terms of both geographical location and idealism. The town and its surroundings offer numerous varied experiences for weeks, so it is no coincidence that many tourists visit it every year. If you don’t believe it, travel there and gain experiences by yourself!

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