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The nearest dental clinic for a consultation

The dentist in Vienna, who will await you for a consultation, is the chief surgeon Dr. med. dent. László Mozsolits, who has two other dental clinics in Hungary, where the planned dental treatment has a lower price. If you do not want to leave Vienna or if you only want to go as far as Vienna, of course you also have the option to have the planned dental treatment carried out in Vienna.

The procedure of a consultation with your dentist in Vienna

The dental clinic, your dentist in Vienna, is located 800m from the Prater. This location walking distance from the train station where the trains from the airport arrive.
Please be advised that the Dr. is not in Vienna on a fixed regular basis. Therefore you need to make an appointment at least one month before the planned consultation.

The Teeth Check package for a consultation with your dentist in Vienna includes the following for 50 €:

  • Help with finding cheap flight or train tickets as well as planning the whole trip, if necessary
  • Panoramic x-ray
  • Checkup and consultation
  • Quote and treatment plan – which you can also give to your insurance company

If you want to stay in Vienna for a night, we can send you partner hotel options in the area of the clinic.

Treatment in the dental clinic in Vienna

You have three options after your consultation: you can have the proposed treatment in Vienna, Sopron or Budapest.
Since the laboratory costs and maintenance costs are higher in Austria than in Hungary, the treatment costs in Vienna are slightly higher than at a dental clinic in Hungary. But the treatment prices were so calculated that they are are still below the average prices of Austria and England.
The table contains the same treatment procedure and materials. Both are from the clinics of Dr. Mozsolits. The listed prices are for information purposes only.

Veneers: Before and after pictures & testimonials

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    Dental Budapest – dentists

    Chief doctor budapest

    Dr. med. dent. László Mozsolits

    Area of expertise: Chief physician, general dentistry, oral surgery, implantology, cosmetic dentistry
    Languages: English, German

    Personal: He has practiced at various practices and implant clinics for several years and has run his own clinic for some time. He regularly participates in training courses, such as on new applied implantation methods. He participates in development cooperation concerning technological innovations (Smart Dental Solutions- implantation with a surgical stent, Head of the Mentors Program). It is important for him to build a relationship based on trust.

    dental implant surgeon

    Dr. György Turcsányi

    Area of expertise: General dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, Veneers & Lumineers
    Languages: English, German

    Personal: He has worked in several private clinics and has been a member of the team since 2015. He has done several training courses for veneer techniques and regularly attends international dental congresses. Precision and speed are at the top of the list of his abilities.

    dental membership

    praxismanager vienna

    Marianna Wéber

    Area of expertise: Manager of clinic
    Languages: English, German

    dental nurse

    Szilvia Horváth

    Area of expertise: Scrub nurse, dental assistant, dental hygienist, technical assistant
    Languages: German
    Personal: She has been working as a dental assistant and dental hygienist for many years. She got her education as a dental hygiene assistant at the Austrian Society of Periodontology. She has worked for many years in Vienna, she thus brought a lot of experience into the team.
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