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The Vitalcenter Clinic in Hungary is located in an attractive, upscale district of Budapest, where all professional, even complicated surgery can be performed within a matter of a few days, from consultation to aftercare.
Their goal is to provide a quiet, comfortable, tension-free atmosphere during the dental treatment for the patient, in addition to specialist care at the highest level. The expertise of its specialists as well as their years of experience with countless interventions in both domestic and foreign patients is their guarantee that your trip for your treatment at this cheap dental clinic in Hungary is worth while in every respect.More about dental clinic

Conservative dentistry Dr. Lantos Endre

Dr. Lantos Endre
Chief Physician, Oral Surgery, Aesthetic Dentistry

Chief surgeon Dr. Péter György

Dr. Péter György
Oral surgery, Implantology, Dento-alveolar surgeon

Specialist for dental patients Dr. Gömbös Eszter

Dr. Gömbös Eszter
Specialist in oral and dental diseases

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Velich Norbert

Dr. Velich Norbert
Dento-alveolar and maxillofacial surgeon

Specialist in dental and oral diseases Dr. Porpáczy Sarolta

Dr. Porpáczy Sarolta
Prosthetic treatments, Aesthetic dentistry

Orthodontist Dr. Szabó Krisztina

Dr. Szabó Krisztina
Specialist in dental and oral diseases and orthodontics

Dentures Dr. Boross Boglárka

Dr. Boross Boglárka
Specialist in conservative dentistry and dentures

Parodontologist Dr. Patai Korinna

Dr. Patai Korinna

Dental Hygienist Manager Papp Éva

Papp Éva
Dental hygienist

Dental Hygienist Papp Ibolya

Papp Ibolya
Dental hygienist, specialist assistant for dentistry

Dental assistant Rácz Anikó

Rácz Anikó
Dental assistant

Dental Assistant Manhertz Éva

Manhertz Éva
Dental assistant, dental hygienist, surgical assistant

DENTAL SOPRON – Low cost dental clinics

The dentists in this Dental Sopron, which is one of low cost dental clinics in Hungary, have many years of experience and thousands of successful interventions in different areas of oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry behind them. The specialist team of Dr. Horváth keep themselves at the forefront of dentistry with continuous training courses and innovations. Their main goal is to give the patients a natural-looking appearance, as well as a perfect chew mechanics using the most modern and effective techniques, equipment as wells as materials. Uncompromising quality is the motto of the low cost dental clinic in Hungary, for which they get help from the best dental laboratories. The low cost dental clinic is located in Sopron, which is again on the Austrian border, therefore the low cost dental clinic is overwhelmingly visited by German and English patients. The Medieval centre of Sopron, the ruins from the Roman Empire, the wine culture, the Lake Fertő and the nature reserve assure a fun and enjoyable vacation for all visitors. Sopron was declared by UNESCO a part of World Heritage.
The owner and chief surgeon, Dr. med. dent. Horváth, also has a low cost dental clinic in Budapest.More about dental clinic


This dental clinic in Vienna offers a convenient solution if you want to get to know the dentist prior to your dental treatment. This dental clinic is primarily suitable for consultations with quoting for dental treatment in Hungary, but the intended treatment can of course be carried out here as well. The clinic is located 800m away from the Prater, and is within walking distance from the train station, where the trains from the airport arrive. You need only to travel to Vienna and by a consultation you will be sure in your decision.