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Cheap, but still good – high-quality tooth implants in Hungary

But how should you make the change? And above all, why?

Cheap, but still good – high-quality tooth implants in Hungary

There is no doubt: Western Europeans who have their dental treatments planned and done in Central Europe, for instance in Hungary, can best dental clinicsave a lot of money. Due to significantly lower prices, the total amount of the bill can be more favourable (even including travel expenses) if they choose a dental clinic in another European country. They don’t need to worry about the quality either. At the best dental clinic he materials, the technological solutions and the professional knowledge of Hungarian dental specialists are the same high quality as they are in other countries of Europe. Our best dental clinics – specialised in oral surgeries and dental implants – await their clients and future patients in two Hungarian cities, Budapest and Sopron, as well as in Vienna, Austria.

In this article you will read about following:

Cheap, but still good – high-quality tooth implants in Hungary

The first and most important question is: why is it worth having dental interventions and implants done in Hungary? The first and most important aspect is the extremely favourable price. On average, the necessary materials and devices cost about the half or third of the price in Western Europe or in the UK, even at the best dental clinic. The final cost of interventions and implants of course dependens on various factors. The clinic provides a quote based on the treatment plan. However, the extremely favourable price of implants means that you can get your new teeth or full set of teeth at a much lower price than in Western Europe. This is true even factoring in the costs of travelling to and staying in Budapest or Sopron. Have a look at the chart below. To provide you some information, we compare the price of certain implants. This way you can see the differences for yourself.

Dental prices Ireland* Hungary**
SGS dental implant (fixture and abutment) Ireland* –2450 € Hungary** –from 770 €
Nobel dental implant (fixture and abutment) Ireland* –2860 € Hungary** –from 1270 €
Dental crown, metal-ceramic Ireland* –750 € Hungary** –from 230 €
Dental crown, zirconia Ireland* –970 € Hungary** –from 350 €
*Source: 2018 National Dental Advisory Service, Comprehensive Fee Report
**The prices are the lowest of the clinics of BestDentalSolutions.
The prices are indicative, the treatment plan and quote arealways prepared in Euro and shall be paid in Euro.

The best dental clinic: high professional quality, pleasant environment, short deadlines

Low prices aren’t everything. In addition to the low cost of treatments, three other essential factors ensure high quality.

High professional quality

The teams at all three clinics have been lead and coordinated by Dr György Peter for 15 years. Dr Mozsolits has worked and gained experiences in several fields through the years. He has been a chief physician, a general dentist, an oral surgeon, an implantologist and aesthetic dentist. Dr Mozsolits has worked at several implant clinics before founding his own clinics. Continuous professional development is essential to him. He regularly takes part in trainings, for example professional seminars about the new implantation procedures. He also takes part in collaborations with the aim of developing technological innovations. Dr György Peter speaks English and German as well as his native Hungarian. It is important to him to build and maintain relationships based upon trust.

Prepared staff, pleasant environment

In our clinics, patients are treated by oral surgeons, implant professionals and other dental specialists. All members of our medical teams have already performed numerous interventions throughout the years on Hungarian and foreign patients.The high quality of the equipment of our clinics is ensured by the strict hygiene and medical professional regulations in Hungary, which are regularly tested and checked by specialists. Our clinics regularly welcome patients from the West who are used to comfort there. The high quality of our clinics is also justified by the extremely positive feedback of western regulars.It can also be important to you that this team is an expert in the field of “dental tourism”.
They know and understand the needs, motives and expectations of patients who travel to our country specifically for the sake of dental interventions. For the majority of requests they offer established and well-proven solutions.Another important factor is the pleasant environment which awaits patients at the three clinics. In Budapest, the Vitalcenter clinic is situated in one of the elite districts of Buda, in an especially developed and clean environment. In Sopron, the Sopron Dental clinic operates in the heart of the city, in the Castle District.

Short deadlines

We are able to perform the most complicated oral interventions within a few days, including initial assessment and post-operative treatments. The dental implantation can also be performed under general anesthesia if the patient requires it.

Our further strengths

Here’s the good news: we can still step it up. Hungarian professionals are a huge surprise to many people. Let’s see what else their strengths and secrets are.


Hungary’s education system pays particular attention to language teaching. Regarding the fact that very few people in the world understand and use Hungarian outside the Hungarian-speaking world, people learn foreign languages. Our dentists understand and speak English and/or German, so there will be no difficulties communicating in the most challenging situations either.

Highest quality,guarantee

Our clinics use the highest quality materials during treatments. Depending on the type, products can usually be guaranteed for many years.

A quick plan for treatment and travelling

How can you contact our clinic? How will you receive your quote? How will you get to Budapest or Sopron, and then to the clinic itself? Well, we have a tested and reliable procedure for everything.

After you have requested a quote from us, we will send you the detailed treatment plan with explanations and the price offer within 24 hours. You can find our contact details at the bottom of the article. We will discuss the details during a conference phone call, with the participation of a specialist if necessary. We agree on all the details and give you all the information about the materials and procedures to be used. We decide the date of the intervention together. After this step, your personal assistant will organize your journey. They will search for the cheapest plane tickets and send you the list of recommended hotels near the best dental clinic. The booking of the plane tickets and accommodation finalizes the date of the treatment.

At the Budapest airport, one of our chauffeurs will wait for you to give you a lift to your accommodation or to the clinic. Your destination is based on what you agreed on before. This service is free of charge for our patients. So is the transfer back to the airport at the end of their stay.

At the pre-planned date, the surgeons and specialists of our clinic will perform the requested intervention. In case of implants – after the healing period of the artificial root and the osteoplasty -, you will need to visit the clinic once again to have the permanent teeth (crowns, bridges) fitted according to the initial plans. Of course, we will assist your journey in the same way as in the case of the first treatment.

Cheap, but still good – high-quality tooth implants in Hungary

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