When we look abroad for alternatives for dental treatment, we usually expect the same quality standard in the materials, equipment, and also level of expertise of the dentists that we could get at home. It is not enough for dental treatment abroad to be affordable; your dentist in Hungary must also belong to the top in dentistry. With our guide, you can find your best dentist in Hungary.

Checklist: How to choose the best dentist in Hungary?

For a complex dental treatment in Hungary, a good relationship of trust between the patient and the dentist is the indispensable basis. But in order to build it there are some other points that you should pay attention to.

  1. Your treating dentist in Hungary:

Perhaps it sounds like an exaggeration, but it is not: be friends with your dentist because you can rely completely on him. Read more about his career, and ask for more information, if necessary. If you would like to get to know him personally before the treatment, we recommend you a ‘Teeth Check’ trip for a consultation on the spot.

  1. Equipment:

You need to make sure you get to see a few pictures of the dental clinic in Hungary (or even ask for their equipment list). This way you can check if the clinic has the latest technology and if you will be comfortable and feel well cared for during your treatments.

  1. Treatment plan and cost estimate:

Pay attention to the layout and how detailed your treatment plan and cost estimate are. Does the clinic clearly list all treatment procedures? And the length of stays? Have they informed and advised you on the various options?

  1. Preliminary arrangements:

After receiving your treatment plan, the next step is a preliminary discussion with a contact person, who speaks English fluently and is ready to answer your many questions. This way you can make sure that you will feel safe and be in good hands.

  1. Reference is gold:

Always read and study the experience of other patients, so you can make sure before your definite decision, that he/she is indeed the best dentist in Hungary. Please make sure, however, that the references also contain pictures – with this, you can be sure about their authenticity.

  1. Guarantee:

You probably will not need to use it – but you should not take any risks. For further information about the guarantee please visit our clinic, and consult about it with your future dentist.

  1. Dental laboratory:

Often, the information you get about the laboratory does not really mean anything to you – if you receive any at all. But it is important that after your treatment you receive a material certificate from the dental laboratory for the materials used.

  1. Health insurance:

Legally, a health insurance company must accept dental treatment abroad. But the documents submitted before the planned dental treatment must be correct and conform to regulations. The dentist in Hungary and the team must provide you with help with health insurance.

  1. Additional services:

Additional services demonstrate real quality. If these are not offered by a dental clinic in Hungary or you are charged for them, the clinic certainly cannot be among the best. So the chosen dentist is not the best dentist in Hungary. The additional services include assistance with the travel organization, free transfer from the airport, and a 24-hour contact person.

  1. Last, but not least, the costs:

You will travel abroad to save on dental treatment costs. Please, keep in mind that – just like in the Ireland -prices differ from dentist to dentist in Hungary as well. Therefore it is important to remember that it is not always worthwhile to choose the most favourable quotation, as the treatment might lack in quality.
It is very important that you have confidence from the beginning, not only in your best dentist in Hungary but also in your permanent contact person. Get to know Beata, your personal assistant now:

Best dentist in Hungary:
Testimonials with before and after pictures

Reasons for choosing a dentist in Hungary:

  1. Saving up to 60 %

Despite travel expenses, you save up to 60 % on a dental treatment in Hungary compared to a dental treatment in the Ireland.

  1. Professional competence of the dentists

Dentists in Hungary have studied at the best universities. They have specialized in several different areas of dentistry and they work based on high European quality and hygiene standards.

  1. Satisfied customers

We have been there for patients from a variety of countries and have been organising their dental treatments in Hungary since 2005. The patients are completely satisfied, as they receive quality treatment, all-round service for low prices.

  1. Material usage and warranty

We only use first-class materials. Also, we provide a 5-10 year warranty on your dental treatment. Our guarantee periods are thus considerably longer than in the Ireland.

  1. Contribution from health insurance

Since 2004, all statutory health insurance companies are required to pay the same amount of fixed subsidy Europe-wide. The treatment plan and cost estimate put together for you are approved by your health insurance company. However, if there should be problems, we can help you.

  1. Holiday included

Hungary is always worth a trip and has become a very popular destination. Budapest tops the list of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We take care of the organization of your trip. We also have cheap partner hotels available to you, so you do not have to worry about the details.

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