Why do 40% of Europe’s dental tourists go to Hungary?Dental tourism europe Is it because of the best quality at a low price?

You can get implants from 650 € at our partner clinics, which is considered a low price. But keep in mind that the quality of the treatment is just as important as its price. It is therefore important when selecting a dental clinic to consider these three factors: the doctors, the equipment and the materials. In our dental clinics all three factors are of very high standard. Dental tourism in Hungary is not as big as it is without a reason.

Short answer: Hungary is a forerunner in dental tourism in Europe and the whole world. More than half a million people cannot be mistaken. They come for the low prices as well as for the high quality.

Detailed answer: How can we be sure that the quality of the treatments will be the same or much better than at home? Why do thousands of people decide every year from the UK, Canada, USA and Ireland to get their dental work done in Hungary?

dental tourism in Europe

(Source: REVA Health)

It is the high level of safety, expertise, experience and care they get, while keeping the costs low. In the last 10 years almost 600.000 patients visited Hungary to have their teeth repaired.

The secrets of Hungary’s success are:

  • Extremely high level of professionalism
  • Safe environment
  • Long term (and rarely needed) guarantees
  • Every type of dental work costs much less compared to other countries

People from Europe and North America trust the highly famous education and expertise of Hungarian dentists. Professional background: Hungary has been home to world class dental universities for more than 100 years. For about than 50 years, aspiring dentists from English and German-speaking countries have been coming to Hungary for their education. The reason is that it is among the best in Europe. Furthermore, all of these highly trained specialists, the best Hungarian dentists and dental surgeons are working in dental tourism. So you will get higher quality dental work in Hungary than you would get from the average dentist back home. To top it all, the dental work provided by these dentists is affordable.

Why does Hungary top the list of dental tourism?

Short answer: It is our education as well as constant training, our state-of-the-art equipment, and our valued experience. The fact that dental treatments cost much less is just one of the reasons. Our dental works come with a 5 to 10 year guarantee, in the unlikely event of anything happening to your crowns, veneers or dental implants.

Detailed answer: The world top three dental tourism destinations are Hungary (21%), Mexico (20%) and India (15%). Most European dental tourists chose Hungary simply because of the short distance to travel and because they get best quality dental work for low costs. A lot of people do not know that Hungary has more dentists per capita than any other country, so the choices are nearly endless. But you should make your choice carefully and make a thorough research about the dentist and clinic before taking a decision. That is what we are here for: we have tested a large number of dental clinics in Hungary for you and only work together with the bests.

Experience: Medical teams that have worked in dental tourism for more than 8-10 years are experienced enough to know every possible outcome. They know they can handle every situation accordingly.

Stable, long practicing clinics:Look for such experience and you will find a reliable team!
Testimonials: Our dental clinics of course want to keep up their excellent reputation. They will make every effort to keep you satisfied and guaranteed while having your dental treatment.
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Equipment. How will I get my teeth faster?

Short answer: Most likely, you will need to make two trips, one for the dental implants and temporary crowns and then another, 3-6 months later, for the permanent crowns. But there is also the immediate loading of dental implants.

Dental tourism: Before and after pictures & testimonials

Detailed answer: There are three secrets for fast and effective dental implant procedure.

  1. World class equipment
  2. Effective organisation of appointments and trip
  3. All specialists at one location:
  4. panoramic x-ray
  5. dentist
  6. root canal specialist
  7. dental surgeon
  8. anesthesiologist
  9. dental technician