"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced dentists of the best Hungarian dental clinics in the safe heart of Europe."

New teeth in 5 days in 5 easy steps!

At a price you never dreamed of!

Are you unhappy with your smile, the colour, shape or size of your teeth?

Have you been postponing an unpleasant dental treatment for a long time?

You don’t want to show your teeth when smiling?

Are you missing multiple teeth?

Are you dreading dentists? Are you afraid of needles?

Are your teeth sensitive, your gums hurt?

Your teeth hurt or they are loose?

You can’t pay for the services that match your country’s prices?

If even one of the above is true, you have come to the right place.

Here’s how we can help you!

At our clinic high-quality dental services are available, from implantology to oral surgery and various aesthetic dental treatments.
We welcome you in a friendly, cosy environment. Patients come to our clinic from more than 30 countries which shows our popularity. You can book a consultation in several countries where you can meet us in person.
Our clinic keeps abreast of new developments in technology and medicine. Our competitive prices at European level, the friendly environment and high-quality dental materials have become our trademark.
Our dentists work with high-quality materials that provide a long-term solution for your problems. High-quality dental technologies and state-of-the-art equipment help the work of our colleagues and the quality of our services. Today’s modern anesthetic procedures can make dental treatments painless.
We work with competitive prices, this way you can save 40-60% of the price offered in your country. This even includes travel and accomodation costs.

Healthy teeth are no longer just a dream! Become our patient and receive high-quality dental care!

It is important for us that your dental treatment is painless, and we also help you forget old, bad memories.

Let’s see the package! You can have a pearly white smile in just 5 steps

1. You contact us by your preferred method (E-mail, call or send a callback request).
2. You send us an x-ray via e-mail or you make an appointment for a dental consultation.
3. You get a price quote within 24 hours.
Our dental clinic will prepare your price quote within 24 hours and send it to you with explanations and details.
The treatment plan will cover all of the treatments recommended by your dentist, with the total cost itemized by procedure and priced separately.
If you like it, we start to organize your trip.
4. We have free airport transfers and a free shuttle between the clinic and hotels
5. You have your life changing treatment
The specialists perform your dental treatment in the specified treatment period in during your dental trip.
You just have to go home and enjoy the compliments.
Your DPA is there for the time of your guarantee. We are providing guarantee policy for our patients because our quality level enables us to do so.If you require cosmetic dentistry or dental implant treatment, you should consider visiting Hungary.
Budapest is the jewel of Europe with many cultural tourist attractions. Budapest has been voted the #1 European Destination for 2019 at the competition organised by European Best Destinations (EBD). The Hungarian capital collected more votes than Paris, Athens, London or even Florence.
Our goal is for you to leave our clinic with confidence, flashing your most winning smile after a pleasant treatment.

Our patients’ reviews about our services

Christa Mathesius (Göttingen)

My teeth were aesthetically so ruined that I no longer felt confident to smile. Not only did I get back my self-confidence, but also the quality of life improved. Thank you sincerely.

Harald Becherer (Dachau)

I could have never imagined that my teeth can be fixed in such a nice way, as my case was somewhat complex. But the Dr. has mastered it brilliantly. I am more than satisfied.

Markus Meckler (Cologne)

I would like to thank the Dr., and of course also BestDentalSolutions.

Maria Finke (Munich)

The Dr. has done an excellent job, I am extremely satisfied. Big thank you to BestDentalSolutions.

Norah Snider (Manchester)

I am not ashamed to smile anymore. My teeth look very natural, very beautiful work. Thank you.

Judith Heydrich (Vorarlberg)

I felt very well during the treatment, I had almost no pain. The Dr. was always very careful. The end result is exactly as I had imagined.

Michael Klein (Zurich)

My dental problems caused an inflammation both in my forehead and in my nose. This led to daily inertia and headaches. In addition, looks are important in life and my teeth did not improve my appearance prior to the treatment. I have heard rumors of inferior quality on dental treatments in Hungary, which in my experience are not true at all. BestDentalSolutions made the treatment easy, so I would not hesitate to use their services again.

Lara Krüger (Hamburg)

I have always wanted a perfect Hollywood smile with veneers, the end result is how I wanted my teeth to look like! Thanks for the nice care!

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